Monday, March 9, 2009

Chicken Briyani - l

Ingredients :
3 cups Basmati rice
2 lb chicken with bones
5 tbsp ground ginger garlic paste
1/2 cup yogurt
2 big onion ( sliced thin )
6 green chillies
2 tomatos ( chopped )
1 star anise
3 cloves
3 cardamoms
2 bay leafs
1″ piece of cinnammon
1 tbsp chilli powder
1/2 cup chopped mint leaves
1/2 cup chopped coriander leaves
water 5 cups
Salt to taste
cashew nuts for garnish .(optional)
5 tbsp oil
2 tbsp ghee

  • Wash and soak the rice in water 15 minutes.

  • Cut the chicken into medium sized pieces.

  • Heat the oil in the cooker.Add the star anise, cloves, cardamon,cinnammon and bay leafs and saute for a minute.

  • Add sliced onions and green chillies and fry till they start to brown.

  • Add the ginger garlic paste and saute for about 2 minutes.

  • Now add chicken pieces along with the chopped tomatos and saute till the juice dries up.

  • Add chilli powder,curd ,chopped mint leaves ,corriander leaves and salt to the taste.
    mix well. now close the lid 7 minutes.

  • Now add ghee and soaked rice, mix it very gently, then add 5 cups of water, mix well.(slowly)

  • cover and cook with the weight on, until you hear 1 whistle.

  • switch off gas flame. Allow the cooker to cool naturally.

  • Serve chicken biryani with onion raita.


Kalyani said...

Hi Shanti,

I have tried this chicken biriyani recently.I love to prepare this way and it also comes out very gud.Got superb comments from my family and friends...Thanks for that.
All the recipies are very good and i can confidently proceed;-).
Keep going.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shanti,

Can you pls tell me how many spoons is 1tbsp.

I tried your mushroom biriyani. It came out really good